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As a law firm committed to serving the community and delivering quality services, our people are our greatest asset. We recruit bright and dedicated individuals and train them to attain the highest standards of professionalism.

For exceptional performers, we also offer scholarships* for further development. Under our scholarship system, outstanding legal professionals have been awarded full scholarships to pursue university degrees locally or overseas that will help them qualify as an Advocate and Solicitor of Singapore.

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Our Scholars


— Pursuing LL.B at Singapore University of Social Sciences

Coming from a foreign country and upon completion of my Diploma in Law and Management, I embarked on a new chapter at HOH Law Corporation as a Paralegal since July 2020. Throughout this period, I have encountered numerous learning opportunities and acquired a wealth of new knowledge.

It is with great honour that I acknowledge my receipt of this scholarship from HOH Law Corporation. I wish to express my sincere gratitude to the firm for its kind gesture. This support is instrumental in enabling me to pursue my ambition of practising law in Singapore. It is not just a financial boost for my education; it is a beacon of light that will significantly alleviate the burden on my parents who are living afar from me and allow me to concentrate on my studies, without much worries about payment of tuition fees.

The firm’s confidence in my abilities and its commitment to enhancing my educational journey is genuinely appreciated. I will strive to make the most of this invaluable opportunity for my personal and professional growth in Singapore.


— Pursued LL.B. degree at University of Exeter


— Pursued LL.B. degree at University of Sheffield

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