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Hoh Law Corporation provides the following Notarisation services across our various branches in Singapore:-

  • 1. Administer oath or affirmation in connection with any affidavit or statutory declaration which is executed for the purpose of being used in any court or place outside Singapore;
  • 2. Witnessing and attesting due execution of documents to be used outside Singapore;
  • 3. Certifying the identity of parties and providing certificates of true likeness in relation to identification documents; and
  • 4. Certifying documents as Originals or True Copies.
Notaries Public

We also offer immediate / same day collection of notarised documents (including SAL authentication). For more information, please refer to our Notary Services Information Page here.

Note: It is advisable to contact us prior to your attendance at our office in order to receive a quotation on the fees payable as well as information on the necessary documents to prepare.

Notarial fees in Singapore are charged in accordance to the Notaries Public Rules. Discounts and waivers are deemed improper. Here are the statutory rates (exclusive of GST):

  • Witnessing execution by one person on each document – $40
  • Witnessing execution by Company (including Notarial Certificate) – $150
  • Witnessing execution by a second person on same document – Additional $20
  • Witnessing execution by each additional person on same document – Additional $10
  • For each exhibit marked on or attached to such Statutory Declaration, Affidavit or Document – $10
  • Certifying as true copy for each document – $5
  • Each Notarial Certificate – $75
  • SAL authentication fee (per Notarial Certificate) – $80

Contact Hoh Law Corporation at 6553 4800 for immediate assistance regarding our notary services in Singapore.

A Notary Public is an appointed official who notarises or authenticates documents for use out of jurisdiction. Notarised documents are typically used to conduct business overseas, or for applications to overseas organisations. Once the documents are verified by the Notary Public in Singapore, the Notary Public will issue a signed and sealed notarial certificate, which serves as an indication to the overseas organisation(s) receiving the said documents that they have been properly authenticated and verified.

The role of a Notary Public includes administering oaths and affirmations, witnessing the execution (i.e. signing) of documents, certifying true copies of documents and verifying of identities, among others. All these are done to prevent fraud.

Notarised documents refer to documents that have been authenticated by a Notary Public. Before documents are notarised, the Notary Public will first need to verify the identities of the involved parties and ensure all parties signing the documents understand the contents, after which the Notary Public witnesses the signing.  

For Certifying of True Copies of documents, the Notary Public will have to compare the original documents with the copies to ensure that they are identical, before proceeding with the certification.

Notarised documents in Singapore will have a notarial certificate affixed to them, which will bear the signature and stamp of the Notary Public, as well as a Notarial Seal.

Once the Notary Public notarises the documents, they are submitted to the Singapore Academy of Law (SAL) for further authentication and legalisation (if necessary). Certain documents may also have to be verified by the relevant Embassy, Consulate or High Commission.

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