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Tan Chee Heong v. Chen Hua [2023] SGHC 118
Tan Chee Heong v. Chen Hua [2023] SGHC 118
May 5, 2023

This case is another crucial decision in the context of jurisdiction and personal injury claims that was argued and won by Hoh Law Corporation. The facts of this case were as follows…

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Our Cases Court dismisses appeal by MCST
High Court Quashes Conviction of Man In Road Traffic Offence - Our Reflections
Oct 21, 2022

“How far will a father go to protect his daughter?” Well, ordinarily, a father acting selflessly to take the place of his daughter would be applauded. It is what one would expect...

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Parents of SCDF paramedic trainee in motorcycle accident settle for $3.8m
Parents of SCDF paramedic trainee in motorcycle accident settle for $3.8m
Aug 21, 2022

In 2019, Ms. Nuruljannah Razib was left with traumatic brain injuries and injuries to her spine, hands and face after the motorcycle that she was travelling on as a pillion collided with another...

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Our Cases Court dismisses appeal by MCST
Court dismisses appeal by MCST over liability in construction worker’s accident
July 05, 2022

Mr. Janaed was a construction worker who became paralysed after falling 3.7 metres at a worksite in 2018. The Appellate Division of the High Court has now dismissed the appeal...

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Our Cases Sambar Deer collides
Sambar Deer collides with motorcyclist – injured victim sues LTA and NParks
September 20, 2020

On 21 September 2019, a motorcyclist travelling along Upper Thomson Road met with an accident when he collided with a large sambar deer that was dashing across the same road...

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Our Cases Court rules hotpot restaurant
Court rules hotpot restaurant liable for canister explosion injuring diner
June 05, 2020

On 4 April 2015, a customer having a meal at Chong Qing (Origin) Steamboat restaurant on Beach Road was struck by an explosion from a gas stove canister, resulting in burns on her face and arms...

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Reformative Training
Reformative Training for Teen Facing Molesting Charges
February 25, 2019

A 19-year old student who had committed eight acts of molestation on an underaged girl was sentenced to one year of reformative training after he had pleaded guilty to two counts of molestation charges.

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Our Cases Malaysian Motorcyclist Paralysed
Malaysian Motorcyclist Paralysed in Collision Gets $615,000 in Compensation
August 28, 2018

A Malaysian motorcyclist, Mr. Lai, was involved in an accident on 7 August 2014 when a female motorcar driver had suddenly cut into his lane, causing him to apply emergency brakes.

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Our Cases $530,000 For Couple Injured
$530,000 For Couple Injured in AYE Reverse-Driving Accident
August 28, 2018

A Malaysian couple who was traveling on motorcycle on the way to work on the morning of 19 December 2016 suffered serious injuries when a Mercedes-Benz driven by one Mr.

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Our Cases $710,000 Settlement
$710,000 Settlement Sum for Lorry Driver Who Fell From Height In Workplace Accident
July 06, 2018

Mr. Neo, a 51 year old lorry driver who became paralysed as a result of a workplace accident has reached a settlement with his employers for a compensation sum of $710,000 in the High Court.

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Our Cases Worker struck on head
Worker struck on head and left wheelchair bound – he gets $700,000
November 08, 2017

On 20th August 2015, an industrial worker by the name of Chin Swee Leong (“Chin”) was struck on the head by a falling shelving rack at work.

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Our Cases Car hurtled towards drivers
Car hurtled towards drivers in opposite direction along AYE
November 05, 2017

In a lawsuit against the driver who had crashed into multiple vehicles while travelling in the opposite direction along AYE last year in December, injured victims Teh Tze Yong and wife Janice Choo have managed to achieve a settlement on liability in Court.

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Our Cases Man dies after 4 year coma
Man dies after 4 year coma due to surgery gone wrong
November 01, 2017

A patient admitted for day surgery for a minor nose disorder had slipped into a coma for 4 years after undergoing an operation at Alexandra Hospital.

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Our Cases Tree branch causes paralysis
Tree branch causes paralysis in a woman - she gets $500,000
October 29, 2017

A woman was walking along North Bridge Road on 25 August 2008 when branches from a tree growing in St. Andrew’s Cathedral fell on her body.

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Our Cases Man in vegetative state
Man in vegetative state after impact from fallen tree branch
October 10, 2017

A Malaysian national, Mr Lee Kar Choon, was riding his motorcycle along Admiralty Road West towards his workplace when a tree branch along the road fell and caused him to be flung off his vehicle.

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Our Cases 100% liability awarded
100% liability awarded in favour of aged lady injured by falling panel
September 27, 2017

A 72-year old lady was viewing tiles at a display showroom in July 2015 when a tile display panel weighing over 50kg and about 2 metres high fell on her, causing her to fall face flat on the ground.

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Our Cases $1000 Fee for 120-word
$1000 Fee for 120-word medical report?!
September 18, 2017

Three foreign workers requesting for copies of their own medical records were charged up to $1,000 by an orthopedic surgeon in private practice, according to two help groups Transient Workers Count Too (“TWC2”) and Healthserve, and a law firm (HOH Law Corporation).

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Our Cases China worker gets $92,000
China worker gets $92,000 for finger sliced off at work
May 23, 2017

A foreign worker who had just arrived to work in Singapore for a week had two of his fingers sliced off, in a worksite accident wholly attributable to the negligence of his employer.

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Our Cases Compensation for death
Compensation for death on work trip
May 02, 2017

Following a High Court ruling, the widow of an employee who had passed away in a hotel room in Cambodia while waiting to be taken to a meeting, may now qualify for a claim under workmen’s compensation.

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Our Cases $97,000 for man hit
$97,000 for man hit on head by boss
March 12, 2017

Mr Zhou Aiguo, 38, (“Zhou”) was working for the construction company, Bestrom, when he was brutally assaulted by his superior, Mr Zhao Qiao Lin (“Zhao”).

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Our Cases Saved by Rubbish
Saved by Rubbish
March 06, 2017

A crane technician who fell 12 storey from a tower crane at a construction site from a height of 52 metres survived, thanks to a green plastic waste bin.

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Our Cases Settlement for teen
Settlement for teen who fell to his death at orchard central
February 23, 2017

A teenager fell to his death after jumping from a linkway located between Orchard Central and Orchard Gateway on 24 February this year.

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