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A Guide to Dealing With Traffic Accidents

At The Accident Site
  • If someone is injured, call the police at 999 or an ambulance at 995.
  • Take down the registration numbers and insurance companies of all vehicles involved in the accident.
  • Take down the name(s), NRIC(s), address(es) and telephone number(s) of all parties present i.e. all drivers, passengers, injured pedestrians and/or witnesses.
  • Take photos of all the details of the accident, such as the position of the cars, the damage to vehicles and the injuries of all parties. These will be useful in the future if you need to prove who is at fault.
Dealing with Traffic Accidents and Car Accident Claims

All accidents should be reported to the insurance companies within 24 hours or by the next working day. Insurance companies have their own 24-hour hotlines. They may advise you to bring your vehicle to an approved reporting centre or workshop. You are also advised to call for a tow truck service if necessary. If you decide to resolve the matter with the other party independently without informing your insurance company, be aware that the insurance company may have the right to reject your claim or to claim from you if any third party subsequently claims against you.

You should make a police report when the accident involves a government vehicle, damage to government property, a foreign vehicle, a pedestrian or cyclist, a hit-and-run case, or an injury requiring hospitalisation or medical leave of 3 days or more. In any case, a police report can serve as an official written record of the accident and it is advisable to lodge one if you have been involved in a road traffic accident.

  • For claiming of vehicle damages and/or repairs, each insurance company has its own process. If you wish to claim from your own insurance company, simply follow their instructions on where to assess the damage and repair the car.
  • To claim against another person’s insurance company, you have to contact the insurance company and let them inspect the car before sending it for repair. The third party’s insurer has 2 working days to inspect the damage after you have contacted them. They will have to compensate you for the loss of use of the vehicle over the pre-repair inspection period. Under the Motor Claims Framework, your own insurer will assist you in contacting the other person’s insurer and in the process of filing claims. Otherwise, you may have to hire your own lawyer.
  • If your claim is less than $3000, it will be directed to the FIDReC-NIMA Scheme.
  • In the case of a hit-and-run incident, you can claim from the Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB).
  • You can obtain the other party’s insurance particulars from the Land Transport Authority. The enquiry number is 1800-553 5229.
  • The General Insurance Association of Singapore (GIA) is an association of insurance companies. They share a database of accident reports. You can apply for and buy a third-party motor accident report. However, this is only useful if the other party has lodged a GIA report.
  • For further information, refer to the following brochure of the framework for making motor claims:
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Compensation Claims under WICA

If you have sustained an injury as a result of your employment, you may be eligible for a claim under the Work Injury Compensation Act (WICA). The WICA, administered by the Ministry of Manpower, allows for a no-fault compensation scheme for employees injured in the course of their employment, provided there has been some form of permanent incapacity suffered.

Permanent incapacity is assessed by the relevant department in the Ministry of Manpower. The compensation claimable is subject to the injury sustained, the degree of permanent incapacity and your salary. The WICA scheme also includes payment for medical expenses (including consultation, hospitalisation, treatment and future care etc), MC and Hospitalisation wages, as well as compensation for death.

If you have suffered from a workplace injury, come speak to us to understand your eligibility to claim under WICA and the adequacy or suitability of your WICA compensation claim.

Industrial Accidents

Compensation Claims under Common Law

Like road traffic accident claims, personal injuries sustained in the course of employment may also give rise to a possible claim in common law. The injured employee must however, choose to submit a claim either through the Courts or under the WICA as there cannot be double compensation of one claim.

In order to pursue a workplace compensation claim in common law, it must be shown that the employer had failed to take steps to ensure the employees’ safety and that the employee had suffered injury and loss because of such negligence. Examples of such negligence in tort include failure to provide a safe place of work, failure to provide proper work equipment and failure to implement proper systems of work.

Over the years, we have garnered substantial experience in work injury and industrial accident claims. Our experienced team of associates and staff are well-placed to fight for your compensation entitlements in Court, should the need arise. If you wish to pursue a claim in common law or enquire about the best options available to you, speak to us as soon as possible.

Types of Personal Injury Claims

Personal Injury Claims are claims arising from accidents that cause bodily and/or psychiatric injury, but may also include other consequential losses. These claims typically arise in situations such as in or .

Personal injury claims may also arise in other unfortunate circumstances. For example, we have dealt with cases involving:

  • (a) Trip and fall/slip and fall scenarios
  • (b) Office mishaps
  • (c) Domestic abuse
  • (d) Lightning strike injuries
  • (e) Injuries from fallen tree branches

Click here for some cases that our personal injury lawyers have acted for have acted for:

Types of Personal Injury Claims

Framework for Compensation

Compensation for personal injury claims include general damages for pain and suffering, past and future medical expenses, loss of past and future wages, but may also include other sums depending on each case.

Compensation is often paid out by an insurance company or an agency that manages such claims. These companies have their own dedicated team of professionals to manage a claim and the compensation sum payable. However, these companies cannot provide you with legal advice and it is best that you seek independent professional advice to determine the adequacy of the compensation offered and other alternative remedies available to you.

Generally, the amount of legal fees payable by the claimant is dependent on the claim’s complexity and the amount of work and time involved in resolving the claim. Legal fees for successful claims in road traffic and industrial accident claims are substantively borne by the insurers. Legal fees for road traffic accident claims are also subject to the Public Trustee’s regulation.

Why Choose Hoh Law Corporation As Your Personal Injury Lawyer?

Hoh Law Corporation is Singapore's leading legal practice in personal injury claims, with close to 30 years of experience and the support of over a hundred staff.

Despite being an established community law practice, our clientele is not restricted to local citizens as we have often acted for people from other nationalities. No matter what your background is, we are here to assist you.

Legal costs may appear to be prohibitive and in distressful times, this may deter you from making a claim. However, our personal injury lawyers at Hoh Law Corporation firmly believe that legal fees should never obstruct your rights to justice and fair compensation.

If you have sustained personal injuries from a work-related accident, a road traffic accident or any other unfortunate accident, please feel free to approach us and we will help you seek the compensation that you deserve.

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