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If you find yourself under investigation, or charged with an offence that requires you to go to court, it is essential that you obtain advice from an experienced criminal lawyer who specializes in criminal defence as soon as possible.

Our experienced criminal lawyers can help if you:

  • Are required to attend a formal interview with the police
  • Have been charged by the police and have to go to court
  • Have been charged by a government authority
  • Have been found guilty and want to appeal against the conviction or sentence
Criminal Law

Dealing with the Police

The Police have powers of investigation and arrest.

At the police station the law allows the accused to consult a lawyer while under police custody, within a reasonable time. Family members may also be contacted. However, these requests can be refused if they interfere with investigations.

The Police can detain the accused for a maximum of 48 hours, but the police can obtain a Magistrate’s order if they wish to extend the custody to continue with investigations.

If the officer does not wish to detain you, he may let you go on a personal promise or put you on police bail.

You can be charged in Court only after investigations have been carried out. This investigation is necessary to decide if there is any evidence of a crime having been committed by you.

Why Choose Hoh Law Corporation For Your Criminal Defense?

With close to 30 years of experience in criminal law, Hoh Law Corporation is well positioned to:

  • Help our clients gather, prepare and submit relevant documents to Court prior to trial
  • Formulate and discuss the case strategy based on the facts of the case and the evidence.
  • Formulate effective representations to the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) i.e. the prosecuting authority, so as to persuade the authorities to withdraw or reduce the charges based on the facts of the case;
  • (If you make the decision to plead guilty) Prepare your mitigation plea by highlighting to the Court the personal and factual circumstances of your case so as to reduce your sentencing;
  • (If you make the decision to claim trial) Formulate your case theory and strategy and prepare you for trial.
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