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$530,000 For Couple Injured in AYE Reverse-Driving Accident

A Malaysian couple who was traveling on motorcycle on the way to work on the morning of 19 December 2016 suffered serious injuries when a Mercedes-Benz driven by one Mr. Lim Chai Heng streaked towards them in the opposite direction.

The couple sued the driver for negligence, claiming compensation for pain and suffering, medical treatment, loss of earnings and others. Ms. Choo, an administration executive, broke her left leg while her husband, Mr. Teh, who was working as a forklift driver sustained fractures in both hands and injuries on three fingers. Since the accident, Mr. Teh was placed on medical leave for a year and was no longer able to work as a forklift driver due to his injuries. ​

Lim accepted 100% liability for the accident, and parties reached a settlement in Court for a sum of $380,000 awarded to Mr. Teh and $150,000 to Ms. Choo. ​

Lim's driving caused a massive vehicle collision along the AYE, leaving one dead, multiple injured and structural damage to the wall along the expressway. ​

Ms. Choo and Mr. Teh were both represented by our senior lawyer, Mr N. Srinivasan.

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